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We at SME IT believe that we can offer the best in IT support and solutions for all organisations, but don’t just take our word for it!  Why not take up our free IT Consultation service to see how we could help you to improve your current systems?  Our expert consultants can analyse your current set up and make suggestions for how best to improve, and which additional services you may benefit from.  All of our team are highly skilled and are proud to offer their expertise alongside great customer support so you can always be sure you are getting the best advice from people in the know.


  • Step 1 – Meeting and Discussion 

    The first part of the process is where one of our Senior Engineers meets with you to discuss your business needs and IT requirements.  It’s important that we fully understand the history of the business as well as the targets and goals you are aiming for, alongside looking at your current IT setup.

  • Step 2 – On-site Audit

    Our team carries out a physical audit of your IT infrastructure.  Our team are all fully qualified to check your IT system against current best practice for the industry, and can identify any emerging IT solutions which might help your business.

  • Step 3 – Report & Analyse

    Finally, we’ll look over our findings to decide if the current IT infrastructure is fit for purpose.  We’ll check if it is operating effectively, keeping your data safe and achieving your business goals.

What does the IT audit include?

When you book a free IT consultation with SME IT, one of our team will spend some time with you looking over your whole business IT system.  From desktop PCs to servers, your internet connection and software, they will advise on areas they feel should be addressed.  These might include:


  • Hardware

    Is there sufficient disk space to operate effectively? Are your PCs quick enough? Everything running as it should?.

  • Software

    Are you installing and running your software efficiently? Is there anything we can do to help make your existing software better?.

  • Network

    Is your internet connection good enough? Can you access your system remotely? Would you like to be able to?.

  • Security

    Is your system open and vulnerable to hackers or malicious software? Would it be easy for a virus to get in to your system?.

  • Backups

    Are you regularly backing up your important data? Do your backups work properly?

  • Policies

    Do you have up to date IT policies which are understood and followed by your staff?